The 29th Central European Workshop on Quantum Optics (CEWQO29), Vilnius, Lithuania

23 June – 27 June, 2025 (arrival 22 June, departure 28 June)


The CEWQO conference series started in early 1990s in Central Europe and gradually evolved into one of most popular annual meetings of European scientists interested in foundations and applications of quantum optics. Quantum optics gave birth to quantum information and continues to be the driving force to design innovative theoretical and experimental approaches. The objective of this year’s CEWQO is to explore emerging topics and inspire advancements that extend beyond current quantum technologies. 

The 29th edition of the Central European Workshop on Quantum Optics (CEWQO2029) will take place in Vilnius (22nd-28th June 2025).

CEWQO covers a broad range of topics within modern quantum optics, including


Fundamental aspects of quantum opticsQuantum correlations and entanglement
Non-classical states and quantum tomographyOpen quantum systems
Optical angular momentum and quantum polarizationQuantum information processing
Quantum communicationCavity and circuit QED
Quantum optics with neutrons, atoms, moleculesQuantum optics in condensed matter systems

Enquiries should be sent to conference secretarial: cewqo29@creativa.lt